Our Mission

We believe you don’t have to be a famous person to receive a VIP treatment. Consequently, our mission is to provide you with a sun cover device less expensive than traditional canopies. Our large 9-foot-diameter umbrellas provide a shaded area of over 60 square feet. Moreover, with our adjustable bracket, you can set the umbrella’s position to different angles. By setting the umbrella in upright position, you will be covering the back portion of the boat. And when you are ready to enjoy the pristine waters of the sandbar, simply tilt your umbrella and set the bracket at an angle. By doing so, your umbrella will project its doom of shade right behind your boat. This shade will allow you, your family, and friends to enjoy more time in the water while avoiding painful sunburns.

This unique base allows boaters to set a giant patio umbrella and adjust its position to different areas (including the back portion of the boat where the grill and refreshments are usually set).

This umbrella provides a shaded area of over 60 square feet allowing people to enjoy more time in the water while protecting them from the sun. Since the umbrella is xed to a corner of the boat, boaters can freely move from one spot to another without dismounting the device.  *We strongly advice not to operate your boat while the umbrella is set.