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Please, read below for the Step-by-Step instructions of your bracket installation.

Step #1: Remove the Stern from the back of your boat

The stern eye (also known as U-bolt, D-ring, etc.) is hold by two nuts located in the opposite side (inside). Access to these nuts is usually found thru the battery or other compartments (or access openings) on the back of most boats.

Unscrew the two nuts and pull out the stern eye.

If no access is found, professional installation might be recommended (please, check for boat services and maintenance in your area),

Step #2: Install the "L" shape Bracket

Insert the stern eye (or U bolt) into the L shape bracket. One end of the U bolt will pass throughout the whole at the center of the plate and the other end throughout the semicircular opening.

Then set the rubber gasket using the same procedure. Reinsert the U bolt in its original holes (make sure the rubber gasket is placed between the L shape plate and the boat). Screw the two nuts that hold the U bolt.

Make sure the two nuts are tide enough, so the L shape bracket is held firmly.

Step #3: Install the "Tube" Bracket

Attach the umbrella base (the Tube) to the L shape bracket. Secure the tube with the screw. Adjust the tube to the desired angle for the umbrella and lock it with the pin.

Step #4: Install the Umbrella

Use the screw on the tube to secure the umbrella, so it won’t fly away.

Step #5: Watch the installation video

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