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Disclaimer - Umbrellas 4 Boats

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Please Read Before Using

These umbrellas are manufactured (by other company than Umbrellas4Boats), and they are intended to be set in upright (vertical) position only. If you want to set the umbrella at an angle, you must first mark the exact point in which the screw (that holds the umbrella at the base) makes contact with the pole. Drill a hole on the pole, so the screw can get into the hole. This will prevent the umbrella’s pole from turning/spinning. Failure to do this simple step (opening a hole on the pole) might result in damaging the pole due to excessive pressure (from the screw) over the surface of the pole.

Please, use it wisely. Make sure the bracket is installed correctly. Do not climb on it, or apply excessive weight to the umbrella and/or base. Do not over rotate the crank once the umbrella is fully opened (the system can be damaged or the crank might snap back and hurt you). Do not use it while the boat is in motion, if the wind exceeds 10 miles per hour, or if the boat is moving excessively due to waves, currents, or other boat activities in the surrounding area. Wind Gusts can exceed the speed broadcasted by up to 9 knots.

Umbrellas 4 Boats is not responsible for damages to persons or properties due to the missuse of this product.